Saturday, March 23, 2019

Martyr's Day Blood Donation Camp

On Martyr's Day, 23rd March 2019 Mythri Mahila Koota (MMK) and Kaagaz Foundation had organised a Blood Donation Camp at Samarthanam Trust, HSR Layout.

For over 7 years both the NGOs has been organizing regular Blood Donation Camp to meet the demand of the Blood at various Govt Hospitals, this time it was for Sanjay Gandhi Institute

39 units of Blood was donated at this camp, and people from all walks of lives came and donated Blood, differently abled people form Samarthanam Trust also  very enthusiastically donated Blood, and many were 1st time donors. 

Blood Donation is not only a Noble deed but a very Healthy habit that young people need to cultivate, regular Blood donation reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart disease/attack. One can donate Blood every 3 months, and every unit of Blood donated can save upto 3 lives.

"One can donate Blood irrespective of gender or age, I have donated Blood 25 times and Blood donation feels good and makes me happy, will donate Blood at far as I am eligible to donate'' said Kavitha Reddy Trustee Kaagaz Foundation.

Speaking at the camp Sunanda Reddy, President MMK said, "I thank Samarthanam Trust for giving us the place to organize Blood Donation Camp, in summers organizing these camps are very tough but this camp was very successful". 

Monday, March 4, 2019

3rd edition of Women's Day Run

3rd edition of Women's Day Run - 7K Challenge by Kaagaz Foundation was held on 3rd March 2019 at BBMP Grounds at HSR Layout.

Primary objective of the run is to encourage Women to take part and take to Running, develop a healthy exercise regime. Other important objective is to raise funds for Women Safety & Awareness Workshops undertaken by Kaagaz Foundation.

With over 210 registrations where Men were outnumbered, at 5.30am the runners trickled in to collect their Bibs with Timing Chip. After a good 15 minutes Zumba warm-up followed by details about the run, exactly at 6.30am the run was flagged-off by Smt Sunanda V Reddy, President of Mythri Mahila Koota.

Good breezy weather helped the runners to stay cool and the Finishers started crossing the finish line as early as 25 minutes into the flag-off time.

Finishers were given Medal, Cap and lite Breakfast, and later runners got busy posing for the pictures and selfies.

Winners Women 7K Challenge:

1st Anju - 00:33:59
2nd Farhana Farooque - 00:37:10
3rd Vaishali Srivastava - 00:37:12

Winners Men 7K Challenge:

1st Vighnesh - 00:25:39 
2nd Ganesh - 00:27.05
3rd Dipan Rau - 00:33:23

Kavitha Reddy Trustee Kaagaz Foundation said "This is the 14th Run organised by Kaagaz Foundation, and these events help is not only create awareness about the cause we take up, but also help in raising funds for our programs on Environment, Women Empowerment and Education, we are proud that our runs have focused on creating awareness about the issues we have taken up all these years".

"We have used Social Media and online booking sites to promote registrations for all our runs, and this has helps us to save more funds for the cause and to increase our reach" said Jigna Modh Head of Projects of Kaagaz Foundation. 

Link for event pictures: Photos 

#BalanceForBetter #KaagazWDRun #EcoFriendlyRun #GenderParity

NSS Valedictory - Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy

What a Bright day! It's always sheer happiness to go back to campus.

Being at the NSS Valedictory program of Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy just lifted my spirit, it's good to see young people taking to Community Service in a very big way.

Shared my thoughts as the Chief Guest:

1. Objectives of NSS are in line with the Fundamental Duties under the Article 51A of our Constitution.
2. Even if Social work does not give you anything, it fulfills the Duties, earns you Karma points and you will not be guilty of not making effort to leave a better Nation to next generation.
3. There are lot of negative energy and staying positive is tough, but not impossible, and positive work is a lot of team work even if it's few members.
4. It's wonderful that the institution is taking a lot of steps to give students a very holistic education.
5. Discipline and focus can keep you going and never think small contribution will not make any difference, because it does, and it always starts with one.
6. Every single person is contributing towards a better India, no one is less or more, each can contribute their might!

Social Media for Civic Issues, Presidency College

Social Media is an effective tool, I did get lot of success in resolving many chronic Civic Issues.
I have used SM for sharing Info/Positivity/Issues/Ideas/Views n for Revival of Lakes!

Shared my thoughts along with Danish Manzoor, Ganesh Puttanna and Sachin Tantri at Presidency College Media studies event!

Unfortunately Randeep Spl Commissioner BBMP had to leave due to Council Meeting!