Saturday, July 13, 2019

7 Green Habits!

There is a crisis, and it is real! Our lifestyles are impacting the Earth and endangering its existence. Time is indeed running out and we need to take steps in the right directions and Sustainable Living cannot be just another phrase, it has to be the way forward.

We as citizens can make a huge difference by reworking on our lifestyles, our small steps and commitment will go a long way to make our Environment Better!

There are many things each one of us can do, pick 7 Green Habits that you can commit to 100%, share and inspire Friends and Family to pick their own 7 Green Habits! 

So what are your 7 Green Habits? 

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Police - Public Meet

HSR Layout Police Station had organised a Police - Public interaction, which was attended by DCP, ACP, PI Law & Order, PI Traffic, Citizens, NGOs and RWAs. 

Good initiatives like this are always welcome and should be appreciated, Public got to share their concerns and issues. I too got an opportunity to raise few points:

1. Nuisance activities around women PG's accommodations

2. Illegal activities in Tourist buses in ORR service road near Freedom School, request to ban parking of these buses

3. Safety issues due to non working of over 50-60% of streetlights, please write to Mayor on the same 

4. Junctions improvements on 19th & 27th main to avoid accidents and road rage, write to BBMP Traffic

Beating Plastic!

Plastic Pollution is a very serious threat to the Environment, few State Govt in India have Banned Plastic, in Karnataka also Govt has Banned across state. Legislation on Plastic Ban, Awareness Campaigns is simply not enough, Implementation and Innovation to reduce use of Plastic in needed! Shared my views with Bangalore Times (Times of India) 10th July 2019!

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Green Ambassador Program AY 2019

As new academic year 2019-20 begins, sessions on BPAC Green Ambassador Program (GAP) was initiated by Kaagaz Foundation, with 1st session at Govt PU College HSR Layout.

An important step towards Creating Awareness, Problem Solvers and Promoting Sustainable Living!

Institution: Govt PU College, HSR Layout
# of Students: 200
Class: 1st PU Arts & Commerce
Date and Time: 4th July 2019, 1pm to 2pm