Saturday, January 18, 2020

Independence Movement 2.0

BJP Government in the center using the brute majority in the LS and RS to pass the controversial and anti-Constitutional Citizenship Amendment Bill, which is now an Act (CAA) and the even more controversial and divisive NPR and NRC has exposed the dark intent of the BJP Government.

People especially Students, Minority Community, Thinkers, Social Activist, Constitutional experts are out on streets against and many of us who are concerned the why Constitution is tinkered with and making way to further tinkering in the future.

RSS wants our Nation to be declared as Hindu Rashtra and BJP Govt is all out to fulfill that dream of RSS, so make no mistake in understanding the real intent and plan behind the whole process of CAA, NPR, NRC.

BJP Govt wants to insult and make the Muslims feel unwanted and with CAA they are making that very clear. As a concerned citizen who understands the intent and plot to dilute the Constitution by BJP Govt for me it's very clear to me that its Manuvadis v/s Samvidhanvadis, hence doing my bit to Save Constitution and Save the Idea of India! 

Jai Bhim....Samvidhan Zindabad!  

Monday, December 30, 2019

Yatra For Constitution - Thank You

New Year Greetings!

On 26th Nov 2019 we started from Bengaluru by Walks/Run/Cycle covering 10 Districts, 817kms in 14 Days to reach Bidar on 9th Dec 2019, as against the initial plan of 700kms in 16 Days.

70years ago, on 26th Nov 1949 We the People of India adopted the Constitution, and Yatra For Constitution was taken up to reaffirm our commitment to the Constitution and to create awareness about our Constitution among children from High School and Colleges enroute Bengaluru to Bidar.

From Bengaluru to Bidar we Walked/Ran/Cycled 817kms through Dasanapura, Sri Siddaganga Matt, Sira, Hiriyur, Challakere, Molakalmuru, Ballari, Siruguppa, Manvi, Devadurga, Yadgir, Sedam, Chincholi, Bidar.

We visited over 70+ High Schools & Colleges, interacted with several Organizations and Citizens groups, delivering talk on Constitution of India and the need to stay committed to our Constitution. We also distributed Note Books, Library Books, Books on Constitution of India to the Students in High Schools & Colleges, that was donated by our friends and supporters from Bengaluru.

Yatra For Constitution was not only well received but also very highly appreciated by students, teachers, organizations, citizen groups and everyone who interacted with us enroute.

It was indeed a humbling and life changing experience for us; we are grateful that we could undertake this Yatra to create awareness about our Constitution in our lifetime.

We have officially completed the Yatra For Constitution on 9th Dec 2019 at 6.30pm at Dr B R Ambedkar Circle in Bidar, but our journey to create awareness about our Constitution and to spread the message of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr B R Ambedkar, Pt Nehru, Sardar Patel and Maulana Azad will continue.

We will strive to leave behind a better India, an India that stands by the Constitution that Dr B R Ambedkar gave us when our journey ends.

Yatra For Constitution is a first of its kind initiative in India to create awareness about the Constitution taken up by two Women travelling by Walk/Run/Cycle from Bengaluru to Bidar covering 817kms in 14 Days.

We will soon be doing a Photo exhibition of Yatra For Constitution and share the unique stories of our 14 Days journey by Walk/Run/Cycle from Bengaluru to Bidar.

Looking forward for your support to keep the noble journey Yatra For Constitution going and in ensuring an India that firmly believes in its Constitution.

Thanking you,

Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka, Jai Bhim

Kavitha Reddy & Jigna Modh

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Events & Programs 2019

28th Dec 2019 - Flag March, Indian National Congress Foundation Day
26th Dec 2019 - BPAC Alumni Meeting
26th Dec 2019 - Protest against CAA, Townhall
22nd Dec 2019 - Protest against CAA, Townhall
19th Dec 2019 - Protest against CAA, Townhall
15th Dec 2019 - Protest against CAA, Townhall
26th Nov 2019 - #YatraForConstitution Bengaluru To Bidar Walk/Run/Cycle
21st Nov 2019 - Clean-Up drive & Tree Plantation at Agara Lake mini-Forest
20th Nov 2019 - Press Conference at Press Club Bengaluru, #YatraForConstitution #BengaluruToBidar
19th Nov 2019 - Haraluru Lake clean-up drive
17th Oct 2019 - Addl Commissioner BBMP visit to Ward 190 & 174
15th Oct 2019 - Somasundrapalya Lake visit and meeting with BBMP Lakes Division
13th Oct 2019 - HSR Federation AGM
13th Ot 2019 - Haraluru Lake Clean up and Maintenance drive
7th Oct 2019 - Ayudhya Puja at Agara Lake
6th Oct 2019 - RWA Monthly Meeting
5th Oct 2019 - Ward Committee Meeting
2nd Oct 2019 - #GandhiAt150 Tree Plantation Drive & Cultural Evening at Swabhiman Park
29th Sept 2019 - Bommanahalli Block Meeting
29th Sept 2019 - Skechers #GoRunClub Performance Run
27th Sept 2019 - Anchored MTR Foods WeCare Walkathon
24th Sept 2019 - Water Future Conference
22nd Sept 2019 - Spirit of Wipro Run, Gauri Lankesh Awards Event
21st Sept 2019 - Haraluru Lake Meeting, Climate Strike at Swabhiman Park
19th Sept 2019 - Meeting with Member Secretary, KSPCB regarding Treated Water
17th Sept 2019 - CM visit to Agara Lake & Haraluru Lake Meeting
19th Aug 2019 - KSPCB Meeting & BBMP Meeting 
19th Aug 2019 - Agara Lake Case Hearing
18th Aug 2019 - RWA Monthly Meeting
17th Aug 2019 - 1st Sector RWA Independence Day Cultural Fest
17th Aug 2019 - Traffic Police monthly meeting
15th Aug 2019 - Blood Donation Camp, Kaagaz Foundation & Mythri Mahila Koota
15th Aug 2019 - 7th Edition of HSR 10K Freedom Run, Kaagaz Foundation
6th Aug 2019 - Peace Committee Meeting, DCP, ACPs and HSR Police
6th Aug 2019 - KSPCB, Eco-Friendly Ganesha Festival Meeting
3rd Aug 2019 - Ward Committee Meeting
30th July 2019 - Alumni Meeting with Secretary, State Election Commission
26th June 2019 - Roundtable on USWM - Ramaiah Institute on Public Policy
21st July 2019 - Sector 1 RWA Meeting
9th July 2019 - Meeting with KSPCB & NGT - Lakes & KCDC
30th June 2019 - Performance Run
28th & 29th June 2019 - BPAC- BCLIP Women Leaders Event
23rd June 2019 - Clean-up drive
5th June 2019 - TREEathon, 20 Saplings, Agara Lake
5th June 2019 - Our Agara Lake - Handbook release
4th June 2019 - TREEathon, 14 Saplings
1st June 2019 - BCLIP Alumni Event, #Mission2020
28th May 2019 - Meeting with KSPCB Chairman, KCDC--Somasundrapalya Lake
19th May 2019 - Forest Dept - ALPMS meeting chaired by PCCF, Agara Lake
18th May 2019 - BBMP Lakes Meeting (Somasundrapalya Lake, Haralur Lake, Mangamanapalya Lake)
8th May 2019 - Installation of Air Quality System at Agara Lake by Clean Air Platform
25th March to 17th April 2019 - LS Election Work
23rd March 2019 - Blood Donation Camp
22nd March 2019 - Agara Lake Case, High Court
19th March 2019 - Agara Lake Case, High Court
18th March 2019 - Visited Arekere Govt School and  3 Anganwadis
14th March 2019 - Visited Mangammanapalya Urdu Govt School, Green Ambassador Program
13th March 2019 - B.PAC Women's Day Event at BVB
13th March 2019 - Visited Haralur Govt School, Green Ambassador Program
12th March 2019 - Visited Parangipalya Govt School, Green Ambassador Program
10th March 2019 - Chief Guest at Women's Day Event, Mangammanapalya
9th March 2019 - Women's Day Event, Mythri Mahila Koota
9th March 2019 - Bommanahalli INC Meeting
7th March 2019 - Shared inputs on E-Waste
1st March 2019 - Meeting with Leaders
28th Feb 2019 - Meeting with Leaders
25th Feb 2019 - Agara Lake Meeting
24th Feb 2019 - Visit to Haralur Lake, discussion with Citizen Group
23rd Feb 2019 - Byatarayanapura AC Booth President & Members LS Elections Siddata Shibera
15th & 16th Feb 2019 - Intercollege Handball Championship, Chief Guest
9th Feb 2019 - Spot-Fixing of the old Transfer Point with BBMP & The Ugly Indian
6th Feb 2019 - KPCC Meeting 
30th Jan 2019 - Shared my views on Lakes and the story of Agara Lake with Azim Premji University Students
30th Jan 2019 - Meeting with BBMP Traffic, Medians in two junctions & Height Barricades in service road
27th Jan 2019 - Discussion of Parking arrangement near Agara Lake with HSR Traffic Police
19th Jan 2019 - Agara Lake Mini-Forest Clean-up drive
18th Jan 2019 - Oxfam Trailwalker
7th Jan 2019 - Spoke at the Wetlands Workshop - Importance of Wetlands and about Agara Lake