Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hey Ram!!

Karnataka government response to the horrendous Mangalore incident days after the National outrage headed the recent Bramos test fire way, “just off the target”.

- It’s a shame that the CM has blamed the “Pub culture” for the incident instead of asking the police and the judicial system to imprison the so-called “Ram Sena men” for life, so that no one ever dares to try it again.

- It’s a shame that the NCW when to Mangalore and were questioning the “Pub license”, “security at the pub” and looking into visitor register rather than meeting those traumatized women, taking a first hand information and assuring them that justice will be done.

- It’s a shame that that politicians want to ban pubs to ensure security for women, what if there is a rape in a school or college will they ban education too?

On every other news channel the only thing the bloody politicians like Mr BP Sengal said was that we should ban “Pub culture”, and also went to the extent of justifying that the hooligans did harmless protest all these years and since nothing happened they did what they did.

Let’s justify our case to Mr BP Sengal, every citizen in this country have been protesting against the misdeeds of our corrupt, power hungry, useless politicians and we see nothing happening, so now lets get violent and butcher them once for all, what say?

These justifications are not only stupid but also irresponsible; there can be NO justification for violence of any kind whatever maybe the reason. The people of our country need one thing, “able to live without fear” irrespective of “WHO” we are.

The young girls were beaten, traumatized, abused and chased by 40 odd goons who claim to be the guardians of Indian culture!!

- Who are they to define Indian culture?

- Who are they to tell women (who are as equal as any man in this country) what they should do and what they should not do?

- Who gave them the approval or permission to do what they did?

- What do they know about “Indian culture” or “Hindu culture” which they seem to be representing?

Beating women is not Indian culture, Violence is not Indian culture, Taking law into your own hands is not Indian culture, Abusing unarmed people is not Indian culture, Destroying others hard earned property/assets is not Indian culture, and the hooligans violated all that is part of any “human culture”!! They do not belong to human society, if people who attacked Mumbai are terrorist then people who attacked women in the Mangalore pub are also terrorist and there is NO difference what so ever.

All these idiotic outfits with idiotic ideologies should be banned, why are they getting registered in the first place? If they think they are capable of doing anything good for the country then,

- Let them, Join the forces and fight the real enemies

- Let them, Fight against bribery, corruption, injustice

- Let them, Get the politicians to do their jobs

- Let them, Get every kid in this country to go to school

- Let them, Ensure that every village in this country gets basic facilities

- Let them, Fight to ensure that dreams of every kid in this country comes true

- Let them, Fight to ensure that no one dies out of hungry in this country

There are more than a one million things that one can fight for in this country to make it a better place. Real courage is in fighting for those one million things and not in committing crime in the name of “GOD”.

The tragedy is that, all the hooligans who were arrested after a prolonged outburst after nearly 72 hours post the incident, walked free. They walked out with no remorse what so ever celebrating their “achievement”, thumping their chests and announcing that they will do it all over again and it’s their victory.

NCW defended their inability by bringing is legalities, asking the women to come forward and register a case, completely ignoring the fact that it was all visible on camera!! And what would be the need for some one to register a case? If camera is NO evidence to the act then what is?

I feared that they will trivialize the issue, the real incident will be covered up with unwanted details and at the end of it and that’s exactly what happened. The vociferous Ms Renuka Choudary should hang herself in shame, it’s easy to talk on a TV channel and condemn the incident and also say its Talibanisation!! And finally do nothing about it.

Again relating this back to Mumbai attack we are all angry on Pakistan as they have ignored the evidence, and what have we done in case of Mangalore? If letting go the goons of Managlore incident is right then what Pakistan has done is also right.

It’s sad that we as a society glorified and have given muscle to this brutal act, forgetting that fact that we are a free country and every one in this country is equal irrespective of religion, gender, caste or creed and we the people have the right to choose our lives as permitted by the constitution of this country.

- Kavitha Reddy