Sunday, August 9, 2020

Life in Corona Times!

COVID19 stuck the World, and literally since March 15th 2020 Life has come to a standstill. Fortunately, the last event of Kaagaz Foundation was the Women’s Day Run and it was indeed the last Running event since March 8th 2020 in Bengaluru.

For over 47 Day starting 28th March via Kaagaz Foundation I and my Team worked extensively to provide Relief to Migrant Workers and People in need of help. In total we supplied over 58861 Food Packets, 2450 Ration Kits accounting to 34300Kgs, over 3800 Masks, 50lrs of Sanitizer across Varthur, Agara, Singasandra, Arekere, Kudlu, HSR Layout, Somasundarapalya etc. We raised funds via Friends, Runners, CSR and the Funds we had accumulated via various Running events by Kaagaz Foundation, total accounting to about Rs 29 lacs. Also helped Labours, Auto Drivers, Dhobis, Barbers and other to get Financial help from Government. 

With focus on COVID19 Relief Work and the crisis itself, our Adventure Business has been completely shut, we had an extensive plan for the entire year till November 2020 but all our Touts, Trips, Expeditions got cancelled, leading to heavy financial losses.

As Mountaineers, Runners and Cyclists even our Fitness was suffering too, since Running was not an option as there was a huge risk of Heart attacks by Running with wearing a Mask, so we opted for extensive Cycling, we made it a habit to Cycle where ever we had to go. Less Traffic and Cycling being not only a Healthy but also more Safer Transport mode due to Corona, we took to Cycling with a greater rigor and encouraged others also to opt for Cycling.

Over the last one month we have formed HaSiRu Mithra Cycling Group and have been Cycling regularly during weekends to some amazing spots in the outskirts of Bengaluru 25-30 kms away. Recently we Cycled up to Thottikallu Falls in Bannerughatta National Park, even though 15kms were mostly City road but the next 15 kms was simply an awesome Trail best for Cycling and with Forest cover on both sides, with hardly any traffic reaching Thottikallu Falls was icing on the cake, an Adventurous hangout if you have a good gang of Friends, we liked the Trail so much that we went back the next day too.

We do not know when Business and Life will be normal, but till then staying Fit, Healthy, Traveling, help people in whatever way we can and Learning to live with Corona is all we hope to do.

Kavitha Reddy

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