Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Monday, October 15, 2018

Skechers Performance Run

Voilà!! Podium finish at the Skechers 10K Performance Run, 2nd place for completing in 66 minutes! All I wanted was to improve the timings in comparison to the Wipro Run in September just short of a month ago! Yes 68 minutes to 66 minutes in a much tougher terrain and taking my stand on the podium just refreshed my memory as a college Athlete winning races.....and running my heart out each time! Being competitive is an Attitude for life, even at 46 years it hardly changes, it could be a lowered target :P 

Running is something I always loved, it just shakes me up and takes of stress form the daily overstressed schedule! I am indeed glad that I still run to stay Fit, Healthy and make an effort to take few podium finish once in a while! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

CS & ACS Meeting to Save Lakes, address Civic issues

Most of Bommanahalli is suffering from inaction and neglect, HSR Layout which is a very high profile Ward is turning into a Slum and not a single road can claim to be in good condition. Roads, Sewage lines, SWD, Streetlights, Footpaths, Encroachment, Rampant Commercialization and several other issues are becoming a threat to the locality. 

Met Addl Chief Secretary regarding the pending works of the pavements and also requested him to transfer Doddanekundi Lake from BDA to BBMP to ensure revival and management.  

Met Chief Secretary regarding the encroachment issue of Mangammanapalya Lake and Somasundarapalya Lake.

Both CS & ACS gave a hearing and promised action on priority. 


Date: 9th Oct 2018

Shri Vijay Bhaskar, IAS
Chief Secretary
Govt of Karnataka

Sub: Encroachments in Mangammanapalya & Somasundarapalya Lake

Respected Sir,
With respect to the above subject, I am writing to humbly draw your attention to serious encroachments in the Mangammanapalya Lake and Somasundarapalya Lake located in Ward 190 of Bommanahalli Constituency.

Mangammanapalya Lake, was revived by BBMP recently, but encroachments have not been cleared to make way to complete the fencing work of the Lake, also recently the local elected representative without any consideration to the NGT order has built a drinking water unit encroaching the Lake land.

Somasundarapalya Lake, is in the revival process, but even after the last survey report the encroachments by private people and KCDC has not been cleared and handed over to develop it as part of the Lake plan.

Even after strict NGT guidelines local elected representatives are misusing their powers and are letting the encroachment happen with their complete support. If these encroachments continue then Bengaluru will lose more Lakes and put the city under great distress, with ground water levels dipping even further.

These two Lakes are the only lung spaces in Ward 190, and in a locality that is almost turning into a concrete jungle, it's more than our (Citizen & Administration) joint responsibility to save these lung spaces and Lakes.

Hence, I humbly request your kind self to take cognizance of this encroachment issue and instruct office to immediately take steps remove the and make way for revival and protecting of these Lakes.

Thanking you,

Warm Regards,

Kavitha Reddy 

CC: DC Bengaluru

Friday, October 5, 2018

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