Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Karnataka BJP; Discontent, Dynasty, Caste, Narrative!

B S Yediyurappa fought against corruption, now his son will, BJP fought against dynasty politics, henceforth B S Yediyurappa’s son will!

Coronation of B Y Vijayendra as Karnataka state BJP chief has given rise to serious decent among the very vocal BJP Leaders of Karnataka, absence of Senior Leaders in the party office when B Y Vijayendra took charge indicated that all is not well in Karnataka BJP unit. C T Ravi from Vokkaliga community and National General Secretary who was defeated in the assembly elections was aspiring to be the state BJP chief, Basangouda Patil Yatnal the Lingayat strongman who always spoke against B S Yediyurappa and his family was eying the post of Leader of Opposition. Both these Leaders have been the favorites of the Hindutva brigade and have never left an opportunity to express their hyper nationalism, anti-minority stand and whipped emotions in the name of Hindutva.

The BJP High Command choice for its party chief in Karnataka not only nullifies their allegation of corruption or dynasty politics on Congress, it exposes BJP double speak and its inability to consider Leaders from Dalit or OBC communities to lead its state unit, and appointing R Ashoka a Vokkaliga (Gowda) as Leader of Opposition has led to more disgruntle voices on lack of representation of Dalit and OBC communities in Karnataka BJP unit.

Prime Minster Modi’s constant remarks and calling Congress anti-Dalit on every occasion seems baseless, inappropriate, and awkward for most, at least for Karnataka BJP, given that AICC President is a Dalit, the longest serving KPCC President is a Dalit and Congress in Karnataka has ensured inclusive representation of all communities in both in party and government.

While BJP High Command had an option of B Sriramalu, Arvind Limbavali, Kota Srinivas Poojary, Shobha Karandlaje (under woman quota) to head the state unit and Govind Karjol, Sunil Kumar for Leader of Opposition what made them choose a Lingayat and a Vokkaliga (Gowda) ratifies the deliberate effort to appease the two powerful communities and safe guard the vote bank for until Lok Shaba Elections in 2024. 

One can argue that BJP High Command has cornered itself by restricting the top posts to two powerful communities, alternate view is that both Lingayat and Vokkaliga communities are opposing the release of caste census vehemently and appointment B Y Vijayendra and R Ashoka can be seen as an opportunity to consolidate the votes of both communities based on how the release of caste census report plays out across the state. It seems like a gamble which could go horribly wrong if the much raked up hype against the release of caste census fizzles out and if OBC and Dalit communities welcome the report and favor the Congress in 2024 Lok Shaba Elections.

The infighting in the Karnataka BJP unit, lack of clarity and narrative on the release of caste census among the BJP’s OBC and Dalit Leaders, ethical bankruptcy on corruption and dynasty politics and most importantly a strong perception that BJP leaning towards forward-communities can further fade the already diminishing Modi wave.

Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Telangana are critical for BJP in the run-up to the 2024 Lok Shaba Elections, as the stakes are not only high but BJP has yet again entered the assembly election naming its schemes as ‘Modi Guarantee’ and seeking votes in the name of Prime Minister Modi.

Irrespective of who wins the assembly election in the 5 states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Mizoram, Chhattisgarh, Telangana there will be a paradigm shift in the political calculations for the Lok Shaba Elections, even as BJP is speaking about Union Government framing the rules for the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) by March 2024 thereby trying its best to keep the emotive anti-minority narrative alive.

With both external and internal factors playing out, most Leaders in Karnataka BJP are in a catch 22 situation, only time will tell if the urge to defeat B Y Vijayendra Leadership is stronger than fighting the elections to give Prime Minister Modi another term.

Kavitha Reddy

KPCC General Secretary (views are personal)

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Thursday, October 26, 2023

Women Empowerment; Equity a leap towards Equality


Women are 50% of the population in India, but the issues concerning women have not been a point of serious debate for long, policies to ensure larger participation of women in all social, economic, political sectors and in workforce is discouraged by people with patriarchal mindset. Talking about menstrual issues continues to be a taboo, any debate on menstrual leave policy and paid period leave is long contested, ignoring the statistics and refusing to acknowledge the biological challenges women face.

India’s women workforce participation has been the lowest in comparison to global numbers, unfortunately there is a further decline over the last 6 to 8 years. The reasons for the decline in female participation in the labour force are several - social, cultural, education, economic, hiring patterns, lack of pro-women policies, changing job market, lack of political will to enact policies to incentivize women employment etc.

And as women continue to enter the workforce in lesser numbers, it is important to acknowledge the biological challenges of women and the need for more equitable, comfortable working conditions and policies to promote women in workforce.

Studies show that more than 50% of mensurating females suffer from dysmenorrhea (pain associated with menstruation), over 65% of working women share concerns that they face discomfort and mental stress during 1-2 days of their menstrual cycle.

There are biological differences between men and women, women experiencing menstrual discomfort and suffering from illnesses related to menstruation (including dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and mood disorders) will benefit from the menstrual leave policy. Every woman has different challenges at different time in life when it comes to menstrual issues, hence there is a need for more equitable and pro-woman policies that covers most women and more importantly the voiceless ones, this will indeed make us a more gender just and progressive State and Nation.

The history of menstrual leave policy debate is more than a century, it was first been implemented in Russia in 20th century, it was removed in 1927 citing discrimination of women workforce by employers. In January 2023 Kerala granted menstrual leave for female students, in 1992 a GO was issued by Government of Bihar making provision for 2 days special leave for women working in government offices.

In 1947 Japan enacted the law to provide leave for mensurating women, but Article 68 of Labour Standard Law does not specify it as paid leave. Under Labour Act 2023, Article 13 in Indonesia women have right to 2 days leave per month but these are not additional leaves.

In Taiwan’s Gender Equality Act three additional days per year are granted to the 30 days of health-related leaves. In February 2023 Spain became the first country in Europe to implement a comprehensive menstrual paid leave policy for its women workforce. In Zambia since 2015 women are entitled for one day leave in a month know as Mother’s Day.

Some organizations in the private sector have embraced the demand for paid period leave acknowledging the biological challenges women employees face, also as a need to create more equitable work space for women, some of the examples being Zomato, Swiggy, Culture Machine, Mathrubhumi, Magzter, Byju's etc.

In January 2023, in response to a PIL filed in the Supreme Court, seeking the apex court direction to all State Governments to frame a policy for menstrual leave for female students and working women, and the Supreme Court on 24th February disposed the PIL suggesting the petitioner to make representation to Union Ministry for Women and Child Development.  

Over many decades, efforts have been put in by the Governments, NGOs, Institutions to create awareness through campaigns and educational initiatives about menstrual hygiene, despite the efforts any discussion about menstruation is still taboo in our country. And the taboo nature continues in the society at large to neglect serious issues of menstrual problems women are undergoing for several decades.

One can understand that there is an argument against paid period leave, implementing it may discourage private companies from hiring women employees, for long across the globe organizations keep finding excuses to restrain from hiring women into their workforce and paid period leave could become one more reason and not a good one.

Many have been questioning the need for a policy now, when women have been working for decades without any such demand. But the fact is women have been suffering quietly trying to ‘fit in’ irrespective of the challenges, and as a civilized society we need to ask ourselves if we will continue to carry the patriarchy cycle forward or will we challenge status quo and make progress towards an equitable society.

Economic argument is that paid period leave can hinder businesses and increase financial burden, but when studies are saying women employee productivity can impact negatively due to menstruation, then the argument against paid period leave holds no water.

Also most importantly, Dr BR Ambedkar the architect of our constitution has ensured gender equity in our constitution, Article 15 (3) of the constitution states ‘Nothing in this article shall prevent the State from making any special provision for women and children’, and Article 42 of the constitution statesThe State shall make provision for securing just and humane conditions of work and for maternity relief’.

Recently Ms. Ranjeeta Priyadarshini Law Student from Odisha who is travelling across India seeking support from every State Government to make Paid Period Leave a Legislation connected with me, after the release of a book on her sustained campaign by Pradeep Kumar Singh in Bengaluru.  

Ranjeeta Priyadarshini and my interaction with Karnataka Labour Minister and the Health & Family Welfare Minister gave hope that there can be healthy and unbiased debate. Karnataka is a progressive State that always thrived on Buddha, Basavanna, Babasaheb, Kuvempu philosophy and thoughts, and it is important to recognize that gender equity is an important step towards gender equality. Karnataka Government indeed has a social responsibility to make Karnataka a pro-women workforce State and to ensure larger participation of women in the workforce by enacting equitable policies for its women.

No shying away from alternate views, economic and financial challenges and questions, pressure from across industries against the paid period leave, but if Government along with paid period leave considers incentives to organizations that employs more women, the concern of declining women participation and unwillingness to employ women across industries can also be addressed positively.

Only time will tell if Karnataka will be the 1st State in India to pass a gender just and pro-women Paid Period Leave Legislation applicable for both government and private sector.    

Kavitha Reddy

KPCC General Secretary

Friday, October 13, 2023

Children of Lesser Deity

Hate, violence, unrest is gripping India more than ever, centuries of tradition and cultural practices are painted with streaks of religious color damaging the social and cultural fabric of India. ‘Unity in Diversity’ had been our biggest strength, and the foundation of our Nation building was the celebration of our diversity and taking everyone along making it an inclusive India. 

The diversity of India is so vast that almost every village has its own deity and cultural identity, most of these deities are mere stones or roughly carved images kept in open or under a tree without any permanent structures or could be obstruct items like bangles, tree, clay lump, coconut etc. These deities referred as Kuladevaru (deity of a caste or locality), Oorudevaru (deity of the village) are the deities of everyone in the village irrespective of religion and castes but for non-brahmins as the deities are offered animal sacrifice and rituals may be performed using animal blood. 

People pray to these gods and goddesses as they believe that they are the protectors, saviors, and healers and are accessible to all. People irrespective of religion offer prayers to Maramma to heal their family member suffering from chickenpox, sacrifice an animal (mostly hen and sheep) to Muneeshwara seeking peace at home or to calm a naughty & stubborn child at home. 

The famous Plague Maramma was prayed to save people dying from plague, Yellamma, Patalamma, Kariyamma, Nagappa, Bhadramma, Choudamma, Saplamma and many more of the Shudras worshiped deities believe to have their own unique powers to heal people who seek their blessings.

Emergence of Hindutva ideology propagating a single identity of religion and culture is becoming a threat to diverse identities of these Shudra's deities and the practices of the Shudras, where there is no set rituals or chanting of mantras, anyone could perform the pooja and make offerings of meat too. People from across faith seek blessings of these local deities which are blended into our cultural fabric locally across the nation. But the hyper Hindutva push is slowly painting the color of religion, and a burkha clad woman at the Nuggikere Hanumantha temple or bindi wearing woman at the dargah are forced to choose sides and color, disregarding their freedom, belief, and personal choices. 

People across all faiths visit the ancient Kumaramangala temple in Kasargod to seek the blessing of snake god and escape the curse of snake, there are millions of such examples where people across faith praying to local deities as they truly believe in the power of these deities to protect, heal, and bless. 

What we are experiencing today is a violent, disruptive Hindutva political ideology trying to enforce itself as a single Hindu narrative, the problem is not the political ideology itself, but the intent to capture power by destroying the harmony and diverse belief culture that has its deep roots in every village of India by misusing the Hindu religion is the real threat. 

Dr Ambedkar said “religion is for man and not man for religion’’, forcefully installing saffron flags at will, questioning the beliefs of people from other faiths, intimidating, questioning the meat eaters, and even branding them evil, mocking them as converts are extremally dangerous trends we are witnessing. This reminds me of a very popular Kannada movie ‘Bedara Kannappa’ of Dr Rajkumar, where the hunter Kannappa offers meat to Lord Shiva. We were thought to believe that we can offer any kind of food to the deity with immense sincerity, love, gratitude, and the deity will accept it. If the fate of the believers in the current Hindutva hyper propaganda is this demonizing, imagine the people who are agnostic and who are non-believers. 

From birth to death the practices of upper caste, Shudras, Dalits are not identical so are our deities, the practices in north, south, east, west of India is not identical either, when most of the Hindus bury the dead in the south, Hindus from north are unable to comprehend this practice. The deities of the Shudras are for protection, healing, blessing, whereas the Hindutva propaganda of gods is about heroism, curse, preaching, fear, and unless we do not realize the cultural erosion the false narrative of Hindutva propaganda is causing, our diverse identity cannot be protected. 

Tree with more branches always grows bigger, gives more shade, and houses more birds, like wise cultural diversity of India is her biggest strength and gives shade to all deities, practices, and beliefs, will our diversity allow a political Hindutva ideology to cut the Tree? only time will tell.

Kavitha Reddy 

Saturday, September 30, 2023

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Brand Bengaluru and Bandaged Lakes

New Government, Old BBMP’ quipped a famous citizen of Bengaluru when I asked about her thoughts on the Government initiative of Brand Bengaluru, rightfully so it is a common feeling among most citizens who have made Bengaluru their home.

The idea of Brand Bengaluru was incubated by former Chief Minister SM Krishna, who took a holistic approach to build Brand Bengaluru and one big step on environment was to create Lake Development Authority (LDA), with a vision to have an exclusive agency for conservation of lakes in BMRDA jurisdictions.
In 2014 Siddaramaiah led Government passed a landmark Bill that led to formation of Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority (KLCDA), LDA was merged into KLCDA, eventually in 2018 KLCDA was done away with, there by transferring the responsibilities to Karnataka Tank Conservation and Development Authority (KTCDA). Later in 2021 Bommai led Government handed over all the Bengaluru Lakes to BBMP Lakes Division, much against the suggestions of the experts, activists, and citizens as the move defeated the core of the city vision for lakes.
For Brand Bengaluru to become a reality the Lakes of Bengaluru that were once responsible for greenery, better air quality, biodiversity, flood control, good weather, aesthetics needs attention, with a greater focus on conservation and uninterrupted allocation of funds.
Decentralization of lakes management it effectively letting the local elected representatives make decisions on the lakes in their wards, thereby failing as none have a shared vision, nor the priorities of the elected representatives is common for every ward. Hence Bengaluru needs a sustainable uncompromising plan to reclaim the title of ‘City of Lakes,’ and here are some key ideas to begin with:
Strong Authority - create a separate authority or board to reclaim, restore, revive, rejuvenate, conserve the lakes. Separate authority can develop and implement a holistic and integrated approach for lake conservation. It can ensure that planning, development, and maintenance activities around the lakes are properly coordinated, including measures to address pollution, encroachments, and other issues. Dedicated authority can attract professionals and experts in the field who can effectively manage the challenges associated with lake ecosystems. In a separate authority, there would be clearer accountability for the management of lakes, that can ensure that decisions are made transparently and effectively, without undue influence from other agencies or interest groups.
Vision for Lakes - with overall Vision for Bengaluru Lakes must begin with re-establishing the network system and inter lake connectivity, which is a key step to mitigate floods as well. Lake revival and conservation should not be an isolated project, the failure of BBMP Lake Division is the isolated approach with lack of intent to consider the entire lake network, and non-involvement of the local stakeholders (citizens, fishermen, activists, farmers etc.) who play a major role in being the eyes and ears of the lake.
Recovery & Revival - implement suggestion of Justice N K Patil report, recovery of lake lands and buffer zones as per NGT guidelines and fence the lakes as an initial step to protect them. Revival of lakes needs a comprehensive plan on catchments area, inlets, wetlands, biodiversity, utilities based on the shared vision for the lakes.
Strategic STPs - treat the disease not the symptoms, cleaning the SWDs and stopping the flow of pollutants into the SWDs which are the lifelines of a lake should be the priority and not forcing an STP on every lake. STPs must be implemented as strategic interventions because maintenance and the land for STPs does not come cheaper. Treated water from the STPs should be allowed to flow into the SWDs, this ensures the lake inlets and outlets do not become redundant.
Policy Stability - Bengaluru Lakes have been a victim of constant policy changes leading to inconsistency and apathy, multiple experiments on lakes need to end, thereby making way to a clear and consistent sustainable conservation policy. Most of the maintenance is via ad-hoc contracts that needs to be done away with and a robust model of lake guards like forest guards could ensure better focus on conservation and protection of lakes.
Committed Budget - allocation of funds that can address the routine maintenance of the lakes has to be a priority, the social benefits and environmental impact of a revived lake exceeds its maintenance cost, hence there is a need for Government to consider lakes as social assets and invest in conservation and protection.
Success of Brand Bengaluru is directly dependent on the vision for environment and lakes and, city cannot thrive or boost of development if it leaves behind the core of its existence.
Kavitha Reddy 

Monday, May 15, 2023

Events & Programs 2022 & till May 2023

 17th April, 24th April - 8th May 2023 - Kalaghatgi - Alanavar #Elections2023 #Dharwad

5th April 2023 - Visit to AICC, Delhi

3rd April 2023 - Medical Camp & Eye Check-up, Hosapalya, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

31st March 2023 - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, Mico Layout #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

29th March 2023 - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, Mico Layout #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

28th March 2023 - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, GB Palya #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

27th March 2023 - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, Somasundrapalya #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

27th March 2023 - Medical Camp & Eye Check-up, Hosapalya, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

26th March 2023 - Voter Registration Camp, GB Palya #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

25th March 2023 - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, GB Palya #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

25th March 2023 - Apartment Townhall by KPCC Apartment Cell

24th March 2023  - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, Somasundrapalya #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

23rd March 2023 - Padayatre & Door-2-Door Visit, GB Palya #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

15th March 2023 - Praja Dhwani Yatre, Kalaghatgi

12th March 2023 - Karnataka Mahila Ratna Awards, Guest of Honor

11th March 2023 - Medical Camp, Blood Test & Eye Check-up, Madeena Nagar, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

9th March 2023 - Meeting - Women & Youths, Party Joining Program, Hongasandra #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

8th March 2023 - Chief Guest at Women's Day Program, HSR Layout 

8th March 2023 - Congress Guarantee Card Program, GB Palya, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

8th March 2023 - Medical Camp - Blood Test & Eye Check-up, GB Palya, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

5th March 2023 - Congress Guarantee Card Program, HSR Layout, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

5th March 2023 - Praja Shakti Seva Sanga Program, HSR Layout

4th March 2023 - Congress Guarantee Card Program, Hosapete 

1st March 2023 - School Day, Thomson School 

27th Match 2023 - Santosh Lad Birthday Event, Kalaghatgi 

24th Feb 2023 - Attended Press Meet called by CLP Leader

17th Feb 2023 - KPCC Media Department Workshop

14th Feb 2023 - Meeting with AICC Screening Committee Chairman, KPCC Office 

10th Feb 2023 - Election Preparation Meeting by Adv Adoor Prakash MP, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

9th Feb 2023 - Women Groups Meeting, Mangammanapalya, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

7th Feb 2023 - Voter Registration Camp, GB Palya, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

5th Feb 2023 - Voter Registration Camp, Hongasandra#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

4th Feb 2023 - Voter Registration Camp, Puttenahalli, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

1st Feb 2023 - BPAC-BCLIP Program Participants Interview, BPAC Office

30th Jan 2023 - Tributes to Babu and Meeting with Co-Ordinators, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

30th Jan 2023 - Media Department Meeting, KPCC Office

29th Jan 2023 - Meeting with Women Groups at Doresanipalya#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

28th Jan 2023 - Meeting with Shri GC Chandrashekar MP#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

28th Jan 2023 - Meeting with Shri Adoor Prakash MP#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

27th Jan 2023 - KPCC Meeting of OBs

26th Jan 2023 - SHGs Meeting, Jaraganahalli#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

26th Jan 2023 - Republic Day Program, Puttenahalli, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

26th Jan 2023 - Republic Day Program, Camlin School

23rd Jan 2023 - Women Groups Meeting, GB Palya#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

23rd Jan 2023 - Voter Registration Camp, Naidu Layout, Hongasandra#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

22rd Jan 2023 - Voter Registration Camp, GB Palya & Bandepalya#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

21st Jan 2023 - AECS Layout Women SHGs Meeting#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

21st Jan 2023 - Visit to Annapurna Annadasoha Center, Bommanahalli

18th Jan 2023 - Review Meeting of Party Workers, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

16th Jan 2023 - Priyanka Gandhi Na Nayaki Program, Palace Grounds , My Speech

11th Jan 2023 - Workers Meeting Hongasandra & Puttenahalli, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

10th Jan 2023 - Na Nayaki Meeting at KPCC, Priyanka Gandhi Program

9th Jan 2023 - KPCC Meeting, Priyanka Gandhi Program

6th Jan 2023 - Election Committee Meeting, Bengaluru South District 

4th Jan 2023 - Press Meet & Interaction#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

3rd Jan 2023 - Attended Election Committee Meeting, Davanagere #Harihar

2nd Jan 2023 - Attended Election Committee Meeting, Hospet  #Harappanahalli

31st Dec 2022 - Meeting with KPCC President submitted Harappanahalli & Harihar Report

31st Dec 2022 - Meting with AICC Secretary, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

25th Dec 2022 - Meeting with KPCC President 

23rd Dec 2022 - St Mary's School Program, Bommanahalli 

18th Dec 2022 - Voter Registration Camp, Hongasandra#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

18th Dec 2022 - Meeting Priest & Members of Singasandra Church#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

16th Dec 2022 - Vijay Diwas Program, Town Hall

15th Dec 2022 - Meeting with CLP Leader, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

15th Dec 2022 - Met Transgender Community Head & St Mary's School#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

14th Dec 2022 - Voter Registration Camp, Madeena Nagar#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

12th Dec 2022 - Meeting at Madeena Nagar, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

11th Dec 2022 - Attended Marriage of Dr Mayur More

9th Dec 2022 - Meeting with KPCC President#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

6th Dec 2022 - Harihara Organization Meeting 

5th Dec 2022 - Harappanahalli Meeting, Gulbarga Program, Office Opening, Wings/Cells/Frontals

4th Dec 2022 - Harappanahalli Aspirants Meeting

3rd Dec 2022 - Meeting with Bengaluru Archbishop Peter Machado#Bommanahalli #Elections2023

2nd Dec 2022 - Meeting with the Election Team, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

27th to 30th Nov - Ahimsa Ke Raste Program, Sevagram

25th Nov 2022 - KPCC Meeting, Shristhi Village

22nd Nov 2022 - Key Leaders and Community Meetings, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

21st Nov 2022 - Dalit Community Meeting, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

20th Nov 2022 - Jaraganahalli Church Meeting,  #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

19th Nov 2022 - Smt Indira Gandhi Birth Anniversary, Jaraganahalli #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

18th Nov 2022 - Free Health Check-up Camp with BPAC, Somasundrapalya

17th Nov 2022 - Visit to Singasandra Ward, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

16th Nov 2022 - Bengaluru DCCs Meeting, Gold Finch 

15th Nov 2022 - Visit to Arekere Ward, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

14th Nov 2022 - Application Submission, KPCC Office #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

12th Nov 2022 - Visit to Puttenahalli Ward, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

11th Nov 2022 - Ballari Rural District/ Vijayanagara District Meeting, Clarks Exotica 

10th Nov 2022 - Bengaluru District Meeting, Clarks Exotica 

9th Nov 2022 - Visit to Jaraganahalli & Puttenahalli Wards, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

8th Nov 2022 - BCLIP Alumni Association Meeting, BPAC Office

7th Nov 2022 - Visit to Hongasandra Ward, #Bommanahalli #Elections2023

6th Nov 2022 - Attended #SarvodayaSamavesha at Palace Grounds, Bengaluru

3rd Nov 2022 - Bommanahalli Team Meeting

2nd Nov 2022 - Bengaluru District Meeting, KPCC Office

1st Von 2022 - Meeting with CLP & LoP Leader regarding Harapanahalli & Harihar

28th Oct 2022 - Meeting with Blr Rural MP, Meeting with Harihar Leaders

25th Oct 2022 - Meeting with KPCC President 

22nd Oct 2022 - Deepavali Sweets to BBMP PKs, Arekere Ward

21st Oct 2022 - Deepavali Sweets to BBMP PKs, Bommanahalli Ward

20th Oct 2022 - Deepavali Sweets to BBMP PKs, HSR Layout Ward

30th Sept to 15th Oct 2022 - Bharat Jodo Yatra, Gundlupete to Ballari 

28th Sept 2022 - Shaheed Bhagat Singh Birth Anniversary, SFI Harappanahalli 

27th Sept 2022 - Bharat Jodo Yatra Meeting, Chitradurga & Davangere District

26th Sept 2022 - Madiga Community Program, Harappanahalli 

25th Sept 2022 - Visit to Shri Vemana Matt, Harihara

25th Sept 2022 - Harapanahalli Bharat Jodo Yatra Meeting

25th Sept 2022 - Harihar Bharat Jodo Yatra Meeting

24th Sept 2022 - Job Fair Inauguration, Harapanahalli 

20th Sept 2022 - Meeting Working Presidents, KPCC Office

16th Sept 2022 - Bharat Jodo, PCC Elections, Na Nayaki Meeting - Ambedkar Bhavan & KPCC Office 

11th Sept 2022 - Joined Santosh Lad for 75th I Day Event by Janaspandana Trust

9th Sept 2022 - Harapanahalli Meeting, MLA, Block Committees, Elected Reps, Sr Leaders

8th Sept 2022 - Harihara Meeting, MLA, Block Committees, Elected Reps, Sr Leaders

7th Sept 2022 - Harapanahalli Meetings & Visits

6th Sept 2022 - Attended Meeting called by Shri M B Patil, Hospet

4th Sept 2022 - Participated in Ganesha Utsava, Visarjana Program Click Click Click 

3rd Sept 2022 - Participated in Ganesha Utsava with Santosh Lad, Haraluru SSPalya RWA , FB Update 

2nd Sept 2022 - Participated in Ganesha Utsava, Haraluru SSPalya RWA

1st Sept 2022 - Attended Naveen Yadav Wedding at Gudiattam 

31st Aug 2022 - Participated in Ganesha Utsava, Haraluru SSPalya RWA

29th Aug 2022 - KPPC Office Bearers Meeting, Bharat Jodo & Block/Ward/Village/Booth Committees

27th Aug 2022 - Participated in a Protest demanding Justice for Bilkis Bano

22nd Aug 2022 - Meeting with Harihara Congress Workers & Meeting with KPCC President

20th Aug 2022 - Meeting with KSPCB MS - BCLIP Alumni Association Members 

19th Aug 2022 - BCLIP Alumni Association Meeting

18th Aug 2022 - Meeting with Working President Shri Saleem Ahmed

15th Aug 2022 - Independence Day Program by Auto Union, HSR Layout 

15th Aug 2022 - Freedom March by KPCC, Bengaluru 

15th Aug 2022 - HSR 10K Freedom Run, 8th Edition

11th Aug 2022 - Meeting of BCLIP Alumni & AICC Secretary, KPCC Office

8th Aug 2022 - Visit to Somasundarapalya and surrounding areas

7th Aug 2022 - Meeting regarding Independence Day & BBMP Elections, Bommanahalli

7th Aug 2022 - Flag March of 3 kms with 75 mts Tri-Color, SSPalya to Haraluru

6th Aug 2022 - Meeting with Father Edward, HSR Layout

3rd Aug 2022 - Amrutha Mahostava of Shri Siddaramiah, Davanagere

29th July 2022 - Meeting with AICC Secretary Incharge Bengaluru

28th July 2022 - Attended Meeting regarding 75th Independence Day, KPCC Office

27th July 2022 - Attended Press Meet in support of Smt Margaret Alva, KPCC Office

25th July 2022 - Meeting OBs, Elected Reps, Frontals, Sr Leaders, Harapanahalli 

24th July 2022 - Attended Program to Honor 200 Students, Harapanahalli 

23rd July 2022 - Shri Siddaramaiah 75th Birthday Event Pre-Meeting, Hospete 

22nd July 2022 - Protest against ED, Davangere 

21st July 2022 - Nava Sankalpa Shibira, Harihara Taluk 

19th July 2022 - Harapanahalli Congress Leader Meeting, Residence 

18th July 2022 - KPCC Media Dept Meeting & KPCC OBs Meeting 

18th July 2022 - Harapanahalli Congress Leader Meeting, Residence 

13th July 2022 - 75 Years of Independence Program Meeting, KPCC

13th July 2022 - Siddaramaiah Birthday Event Meeting, Palace Ground

11th July 2022 - Harapanahalli Report to KPCC President

11th July 2022 - KPCC Media Department Meeting

10th July 2022 - LEAD Meeting

9th July 2022 - Meeting with KPCC President regarding Harapanahalli Elections

8th July 2022 - Harapanahalli  Municipal Elections

7th July 2022 - Meeting at Harapanahalli, Municipal Elections

7th July 2022 - Harihara, Meeting of MLA, Block OBs and Presidents of all Frontals/Cells/Wings

6th July 2022 - Meeting at Harapanahalli, Municipal Elections

5th July 2022 - Nava Sankalpa Shibira, Blr South District

4th July 2022 - Meeting at Harapanahalli, Municipal Elections

30th June 2022 - Meeting at Harapanahalli with Municipal Members

29th June 2022 - Nava Sankalpa Shibira of Ballari District, Sandur

28th June 2022 - Meeting at Harapanahalli regarding Municipal Elections

27th June 2022 - Satyagraha & OBs Meeting, Harihara

26th June 2022 - Inauguration of Job Fair, Kalaghatgi

25th June 2022 - Office Bearers Meeting, Harapannahalli

24th June 2022 - Naa Nayaki Program, Bellari City

20th June 2022 - Naa Nayaki Zoom Meeting

11th June 2022 - KPCC Zoom Meeting

5th June 2022 - Donated 34th Unit of Blood

2nd & 3rd June 2022 - Nav Sankalp Shivir

15th May 2022 - Mass Marriage Program, Harapanahalli

28th April 2022 - Media Cell Meeting, KPCC

28th April 2022 - Naa Nayaki Meeting, KPCC

27th & 28th April 2022 - State Office Bearers Meeting, KPCC 

18th April 2022 - As KPCC Observer attended Protest demanding Arrest of KSE, Chitradurga

15th April 2022 - BPAC & BCLIP Alumni Association Meeting

13th April 2022 - Naa Nayaki & Chitradurga District Meeting, KPCC

12th April 2022 - Bengaluru South District Meeting, KPCC

4th April 2022 - Meeting with AICC Sr Office Bearers, Delhi 

1st April 2022 - KPCC Meeting, Rahul Gandhi Visit

30th March 2022 - BCLIP Alumni Association Meeting

25th March 2022 - Chitradurga District Digital Membership Review Visit/Meeting

24th March 2022 - 2nd Edition of Bengaluru Women Achievers Award, Orion Mall 

19th March 2022 - KPCC President Zoom Meeting, Digital Membership Review

18th March 2022 - BCLIP Alumni Association Meeting, BWA Award

12th March 2022 - BCLIP Alumni Association Meeting, BWA Award

11th March 2022 - Karnataka Mahila Rathna Awards, Chief Guest

8th March 2022 - International Women's day Event by Santosh Lad Foundation, Kalaghatgi 

7th March 2022 - Visited Govt Schools & Colleges, Madivala, Puttenahalli 

5th March 2022 - Visited Govt Schools and Swamy Vivekananda Institution

4th March 2022 - Visited Govt Schools, PU & Degree Colleges, Shakuntala Devi College

4th March 2022 - Visit to Somasundrapalya Govt School

3rd March 2022 - Joined last day #MekedatuPadayatre

26th Feb 2022 - Interaction with Students of Govt Degree College, HSR Layout

25th Feb 2022 - Received Karnataka State Police COVID Warrior Appreciation Certificate, BPAC

25th Feb 2022 - Meeting with Bosch India CSR Team

23rd Feb 2022 - Press Conference, 2nd edition of Women Achievers Awards, BCLIP Alumni Association 

16th Feb 2022 - Attended Digital Membership Meeting, Chitradurga 

4th Feb 2022 - Election Meeting with the Candidate, Goa

3rd Feb 2022 - Election Meeting, Goa

2nd Feb 2022 - Kalaghatgi SM Meeting

2nd Feb 2022 - Attended the inauguration of Online KAS Coaching of Santosh Lad Foundation, Dharwad

30th Jan 2022 - Donated Blood for the 33rd time, #GandhiForever #MartyrsDay

29th Jan 2022 - Mangamanapalya, Jaraganahalli, Puttenahalli CHCs - Masks & Gloves #ProjectKaagazCares

27th Jan 2022 - Visit to Agara, Singasandra, Hongasandra PHCs, gave Masks & Gloves #ProjectKaagazCares

26th Jan 2022 - Meeting with PCC, #UnityRide

21st Jan 2022 - INC Digital Membership Drive Meeting, KPCC

20th Jan 2022 - Lead Delegation of Guest Lecturers to meet KPCC President

9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Jan 2022 - Padayatra #MekedatuNammaHakku #NammaNeeruNammaHakku 

5th & 6th Jan 2022 - #MissionSanjeevani Koppal & Raichur Govt Hospital Visit

4th Jan 2022 - #MekedatuNammaHakku #NammaNeeruNammaHakku Meeting, KPCC Office