Sunday, February 5, 2017

Empowering Women - Safety Workshop

Durga a social movement empowering women to deter sexual harassment actively, in a non-aggressive way, and Civic Hub a BPAC initiative is organizing a free Self Awareness & Prevention of crime against Women to mitigate sexual harassment, to empower women be part of a movement that changes the course of how women respond to sexual harassment!

On 4th Feb 2017, a Workshop on Women Safety was organised at Shakuntala Devi College, over 40 Girl students attended the Workshop. The students were introduced to a non-aggressive way of dealing with eve teasers in public spaces. They were also gained knowledge on the five principles to mitigate sexual harassment. 

1. Safety First
2. Awareness (surroundings) 
3. Gut Feeling 
4. Engage/Escalate if required
5. Do not try to teach anyone a Lesson

Students also took Oath to spread Awareness and to help fellow women in Distress.