Saturday, June 18, 2022

Kavitha Reddy For Bommanahalli

Agara Lake, Lakes are core to sphere of work for Kavitha Reddy, bringing different Citizen Groups to a single platform for campaign to Save Agara Lake is how it all started. As Founder Member of Agara Lake Protection & Management Society (ALPMS) she worked extensively for over several years to Save, Revive, Restore and Conserve the Lake. With regular interactions with LDA, Forest Dept, GoK, KSPCB and NGT the Lake was finally revived by January 2018 and she continued to play an active role in the upkeep of the Lake, till it was thoughtlessly handover to BBMP from Forest Dept leading to deterioration of maintenance, but continues to represent the Court Case in HC to Save the Lake from Privatization claim.    

Agara Lake STP, when vested interests wanted to force construction of an STP inside the Agara Lake premises using the Hon High Court general order on STPs, Kavitha Reddy raised objections with facts and reasoning opposing construction of STP with several Departments and with the then Government, she also fought Legally to shift the STP outside Agara Lake providing alternate option. Kavitha Reddy's relentless effort to save Agara Lake from an unwanted STP inside the premises finally gained momentum and STP was shifted out of the Lake to an alternate place from where the treated water could be directed into Agara Lake. She was instrumental in identifying of an existing pipeline from STP to Lake there by saving Public Money and also ensuring a proper discharge of treated water into the Lake. 

HaSiRu Mithra, Kavitha Reddy Co-Founded HaSiRu Mithra along with likeminded Citizens and undertook several Awareness Campaigns and provided Solutions to several Civic Issues, it was funded via Kaagaz Foundation, Civic Hub and Citizens. Some of the key initiatives includes - 17 Composting Workshops in BBMP Parks, 19 Clean-up Drives & Spot Fixing, SWM Awareness Campaigns. Kavitha Reddy also spearheaded the most successful #PotholePooje, campaigns against Potholes and #KillBills a campaign against Banners/Flex and Visual Pollution that became City wide movement and eventually lead to ban of Banners/Flex in BBMP Limits. 

Shutdown KCDC Movement, Compost Unit that has become a serious Health Hazard for the Citizens living in HSR Layout, Mangamanapalya, Somasundrapalya, Haraluru and surrounding areas also has been Polluting Lake and Ground Water. Kavitha Reddy was part of this Citizen Movement against KCDC, was instrumental in getting the then Chief Minister of Karnataka to visit the Compost Unit, initially she was part of the Citizens - KCDC coordination Committee to improve the conditions of the Compost Unit, since no improvement happened, she continues to be a strong voice in demanding the Shutdown of KCDC. 

Somasundrapalya Lake, Kavitha Reddy got involved in the KCDC Movement in the context of Somasundrapalya Lake, the Lake was almost on its death bed. Kavitha Reddy successfully got the Lake shifted from BDA to BBMP Lakes Division through ACS UDD, ensured removal of encroachments by a builder via CM's Office instructions, construction of outlets and drains, raising the concerns and need for revival of the Lake. Currently the Lake is under a prolonged revival, and she has stayed out of this due to extreme Political interference. 

Green Project, as a Green Activist Kavitha Reddy has promoted Tree Plantation on a regular basis in Haraluru Lake, Agara Lake, Parks, Government Schools & Colleges. Creating 300+ Sapling Mini-Forest and maintaining this triangular Mini-Forest since 2014 is one of her Flagship Project. 

Project Karanji, as part of Project Karanji Kavitha Reddy through her NGO Kaagaz Foundation has been working with Government Schools, Colleges and Anganwadis on various educational initiatives in Bommanahalli Constituency. Some of the regular programs include Child Safety & Rights Workshops, Women Safety Workshops, Green Ambassador Program, Clean Drinking Water Project, Health Camps, Providing Teaching & Learning Tools etc. 

Protecting Livelihood, Street Vendors (SVs) of Bengaluru were deprived of Right to Livelihood under the Street Vendor Act 2014 (SVA), facilitated meetings for the SVs Associations with CM, Mayor, ACS, BBMP Officials and brought to their notice that the SVs were also deprived of the Govt Benefits since they were not given ID Cards under the SVA 2014. After a prolonged process a survey and registration of the SVs in Bengaluru was announced followed by the issue of ID Cards.   

COVID19 Relief Work, Pandemic brought lives of many especially the less privileged to a standstill, during 1st and 2nd Wave via Kaagaz Foundation Kavitha Reddy initiated a #Meal_a_Day Program, distribution of Ration Kits, Medical Kits to help the people in Bommanahalli and surrounding areas. Over 80000 Food Packets were distributed over 50 days and 94500 Kg Ration given out to over 18100 Beneficiaries covering Migrants, LGBTQs, Auto/Cab Drivers, Street Vendor, Domestic Helps, SHGs, Park & Lake Staff, Health Care Workers and several other venerable communities. 

Fixing Civic Problems, as a concerned Citizen Kavitha Reddy resolves several Civic issues in the locality on a daily basis, raising issues and following to resolution related to SWD, Roads, Potholes, Traffic, Garbage, Junction Improvement, Road Access, Commercialization, Mobility Project etc., she also uses her Social Media access to bring to the notice of the Authorities many issues and ensured it is followed up to resolution. As Citizen Journalist she has also written/reported extensively about the Civic issues taking it to logical conclusion. 

Citizen Services, Kavitha Reddy's Office have been helping Citizens to get their Sr Citizen Cards, Voter Registration, Labour Cards, Pensions and other Govt Benefits for the eligible Citizens Free of any Service Charges. Over 12000 Citizens from Bommanahalli Constituency and parts of Mahadevapura Constituency have availed the Services. 

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