Friday, May 31, 2019

#BeatAirPollution - World Environment Day


TREEathon from June to November! Climate Change is a reality, so is the the fact that Bengaluru is losing it's Green Cover and Lakes, increased Air Pollution and scarcity of Water is leading to a crisis in Bengaluru. 

We can change all that by working towards making Bengaluru Greener and Saving Lakes. Revived Lakes has to be maintained and with the authorities Citizen participation is critical to keep the momentum. 

This Year I will be involved in Planting 3000 Saplings along with various organizations across Bengaluru, mostly focusing on Lakes, Parks, Mini-Forest. The journey to 3000 starts with Agara Lake and Haraluru Lake!

#3000Saplings #500AgaraLake #200HaraluruLake #GreenerBengaluru #CleanAir #KaagazFoundation #ALPMS #ForestDept #BBMPLakesDiv #HLCC

- Kavitha Reddy

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kamet Our Kullu

Today 26th May 2019 our Kamet would have been 9 years, missing her a lot! each time I told her 'Come I will Carry' she used to stand up on her two legs with sheer joy and on 9th May 2019 when I carried her to the crematorium on my lap along with Jigna I knew it would be the last.

She died in her sleep with her legs up, like she always slept, anytime I woke in the night it was her face I could see first and would wag her tail and walked in even to the bathroom. She never left anyone of our side and I don't know how she left us forever.

Kamet akka Kullu akka Coach grew very fast, never misbehaved or troubled anyone, always excited and eager to play around. She was exactly opposite of MiG who is more aggressive and moody and bossy, Kamet was gentle, friendly and happy. 

I named after one of the most tough peaks of Indian Himalayas, known for deadly avalanches, Kamet and like the mountain she stood majestic at all times.

There was never a day she fell ill, and her dead seem too sudden and left us all in shock, the void that can never be filled and will never be forgotten! 

I dedicated my book Voices Matter which is a compilation of my article to Kamet, with a big thank you for coming into our lives! 

Miss you Kulluma

Saturday, May 25, 2019