Monday, November 26, 2018

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Green Ambassador - Winners

Green Ambassador Program (GAP) - Winners

GAP is a Certificate Program for School/College students that provides them with an opportunity to learn about Environmental issues (Garbage, Water, Lakes, Air & Soil Pollution) of our immediate concern and equip them to take up initiatives towards becoming agents of change.

The course aims at creating a problem-solving community of young individuals who play the important role of a catalyst between the community and the local government in addressing the problem of waste management plaguing the city.

Following are the key components of this certificate program:

Sensitizing students to persistent Environmental, Garbage & Civic problems 
- Introducing them to various available solutions to these problem
- Providing a platform to interact with Civic Leaders and learn from them 
- Helping them make Bengaluru Cleaner & Greener city through their actions

The program has four parts:

- Classroom Session (Theory)
- Role Play
- Field Activity (Clean-up Drive or Door-to-Door Segregation Campaign)
- Create from Waste - Contest

Post the successful completion of the program certificate are issued and the best 3 items under the Create from Waste will be given prizes.

Recently we had completed GAP in 7 Schools in Bommanahalli Constituency taking up the total number of Students completing GAP Course to 890+ and since this is an ongoing program via Kaagaz Foundation supported by B.PAC the target is to complete 1000 this academic year. 


Monday, November 19, 2018

Run to Finish!

Beautiful cold November morning, my 3rd 10K Race in 3 months and getting better each day! With a good lead from start to finish I had no doubt that I would better my timing but also will take a podium stand, 2nd place was then aim but was happy with a 3rd spot in 65 minutes! 

Been out of the mountains for almost a year, so I guess Running is helping me stay fit for the next mountain season, in hope to climb a couple of peaks next year! And till then Running and participating in Races will be a good High! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Patakki Bittaki

Air Pollution is a serious concern across the Nation, and more so in all major cities. Firecrackers add more poisonous gases and particles to Air Pollution that can cause several Health problems. 

Child Labour, Fireworks Accidents, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution all are reality of Firecrackers. After taking notice of the situation across the country the Apex Court finally passed the order to ban Firecrackers, with some relaxation approving Fireworks for 2hrs for 3 days during Deepavali.

B.PAC-B.CLIP Alumni team with support from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and BBMP came together to take #PatakkiBittaki campaign to all Wards across Bengaluru. With Street Plays, Awareness Programs, Pledges in Schools and Social Media Campaigns.

In HSR Layout, Kavitha Reddy via Kaagaz Foundation took the lead to organize various events and Street Plays were conducted in 27th Main, Somasundrapalya Circle and Agara Lake very successfully. B.CLIP Leaders and HaSiRu Mithra members Lalithamba and Ramakrishna Reddy lead the School program and encouraged children to take Pledge in Chinmaya Vidya Mandira, Somasundrapalya Govt School & Vibgyor School. Rohini Reddy, Jigna Modh, Vasanthi and Kavitha Reddy spoke about #PatakkiBittaki at Agara Govt Primary and Agara Govt High School and administered the Pledge.   

3 Street Plays, 5 Schools covering 2458 Children took the Pledge, and hope these kind of campaigns will create more awareness every year and finally reduce all practices that are not Eco-Friendly. 

Lets hope these kind of regular awareness will lead to a Better Bengaluru.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Kannada Habba 2018

Attended Kannada Habba organized by Purva Skywood Apartments, spoke about how becoming part of the City and State irrespective of where one comes from and that being a Kannadiga is not just about able to speak Kannada, its also about contribution and service to the City/State you have made it your own! Also spoke about importance of Women & Child Safety and how each of us are responsible to reduce crimes against Women and Children!