Saturday, January 18, 2020

Independence Movement 2.0

BJP Government in the center using the brute majority in the LS and RS to pass the controversial and anti-Constitutional Citizenship Amendment Bill, which is now an Act (CAA) and the even more controversial and divisive NPR and NRC has exposed the dark intent of the BJP Government.

People especially Students, Minority Community, Thinkers, Social Activist, Constitutional experts are out on streets against and many of us who are concerned the why Constitution is tinkered with and making way to further tinkering in the future.

RSS wants our Nation to be declared as Hindu Rashtra and BJP Govt is all out to fulfill that dream of RSS, so make no mistake in understanding the real intent and plan behind the whole process of CAA, NPR, NRC.

BJP Govt wants to insult and make the Muslims feel unwanted and with CAA they are making that very clear. As a concerned citizen who understands the intent and plot to dilute the Constitution by BJP Govt for me it's very clear to me that its Manuvadis v/s Samvidhanvadis, hence doing my bit to Save Constitution and Save the Idea of India! 

Jai Bhim....Samvidhan Zindabad!  

Belagavi Media Interview