Sunday, December 9, 2007


Late night shows are generally a NO-NO but was in Pune for a meeting and decided to watch the primer show of 'GOAL' the latest John-Bip's movie along with some colleagues.

Should I say from start to finish the movie had no GOAL, a long drag of some 40+ year old men with large bellies trying to make the best use of their legs, Bip's seductive one-liners for John and every scene in the movie trying to overwhelm the viewer emotionally with no real football story or any story for that matter.

An atrocious star cast, did I say Arshad Warsi was there in the movie too, seemed like he was for ever wondering why he was in the movie. Our good old Boman Irani ‘Mamu’ in a full blown belly searching for words before every dialog making him look character less.

The anthem that was sung at the beginning of every match they played can put my 10 year old nephew to shame; it was ridiculous stupid with no meaning and purpose what so ever. The 'billu rani' song was I guess a last minute addition to compensate for the less glamorous look of Bip’s.

If ever we had had the worst movie award in the filmfare, ‘GOAL’ will not only be nominated in all categories but will also win all those awards.

Like ‘No Smoking’, ‘GOAL’ too went up in smoke for the sexy J & B with the HOT JISM. Its time the 'buy one get one free' pair realized that talent is not = to skin.