Saturday, March 14, 2009


She lives up to her name! Tearing, ripping, smashing, somersaulting, fighting and crashing everything that comes her way. After naming her MiG even Indian Air force decided to take MiG’s off the runway, such is the might of our MiG.

MiG is just 2-months old, but her deeds seem to exceed her size, she poses sitting outside the gate as a cute little thing attracting every single person in the neighborhood and sometime even doing funny acts to get attention. We have more friends in the neighborhood then before because of MiG.

With her cute looks she has already stunned Dexter, Tiger and Chinnu, all the 3-boys wait near the gate every day just to get a glimpse of her. Chinnu refuses to move till he gets to see her and is forced back home every single day. It will not be too far when she starts flirting with all the 3-boys causing dog-war, heart-breaks in the neighborhood, Dexter & Tiger for sure will be at each others neck as they are from the same home.

For the first 2-weeks she was all over the ground floor of our house happily peeing and shitting everywhere, even after her toilet training she peed at every single place as, she was too busy playing and going to the toilet for a leak was not a priority. Once she started climbing up the stairs, our heart skipped a beat, our house internal staircase is not little dog friendly, so we decided to put her in the terrace room, where it was safer and she has the terrace all for herself.

Evenings, CR and me look at each other and run upstairs to get her, and enjoy playing and seeing her do stupid things, our living room is her favorite place. She runs behind me up and down the staircase to the kitchen, looking at me in anticipation of food, if refused she gets angry barks, growls and raises hell, if still no response sits or lies flat of the floor with a sad face and she know that sells.

She totally likes her name, “MiG come here”….she runs to me as if there is no tomorrow, she loves licking my feet and biting my fingers, tried hard getting her everything that she can chew but cant replace her choice even now.

My house keeper loves to play with MiG, and demands to get her down when ever she is doing work and MiG anyways loves attention, she is all ready to jump around making faces and nibbling her feet and chasing the house keeper around.

Leaving to office is a task, she knows that she will be locked in her room and angrily sits at the door making it impossible to close the door behind. She yells, screams and kicks hell for few minutes and calms down to play with her dangler, climbing rope and a runner toy.

MiG is truly a darling; she keeps all the pressure and tension away at all time and having her around is a lot of fun.

I am looking forward for her to grow bigger, trek with me, making her a true outdoor girl.

- Kavitha Reddy