Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our MiG -23

Miggi tera jalwa Miggi tera pyar….ahe emotional hatyachaar…is what it is with MiG….she truly justifies that very song….

If I have to call her Ziddi..ah ah people who know me also know what I mean and they will shamelessly say “after all who’s dog is it!!”.

Sometimes, I doubt if she thinks she is human or thinks we are her species…either ways her mood swings, tantrums, demands, affection, playfulness, understanding make me wonder who she really is. Ripping, Tearing, Smashing, Jumping and Racing was part of her from the day one, but at 31 kgs she is power unleash literally.

Our house is a changed place, for the cleanness freaks we are, who love to collects artifacts and keep changing the look and feel of the house once in a while, have now forgotten all of it, because MiG loves to mess it up.

She goes around wearing her choke chain as if she is the female version of Salman Khan and the minute we take the camera she is ready posing with her trademark head tilt. She is also nicknamed Rakhee Sawant…purely.....for the attention she seeks, her nautankis and the best part is she gets all of it…..

After all the play and everything she wants is done…. she sits in the kitchen till I finish cooking and till I finally serve her, oh ya…she gets to eat first!!! I have to first show her what I am serving her, get her to taste it, once satisfied she goes up to her room where I have to take her food, else “sorry I don’t like the food…give me more chicken”….

One person who is amazed the most is my friend Jigna, who gets into a state of shock when MiG does what she does!!

Now that she has a trainer and we are trying to get some method to her madness its fun watching her learn new things, but truly do not want her to be too tamed and extra obedient…..after all there is NO fun being NICE!!!!

- Kavitha Reddy