Friday, May 9, 2014

NO Accidental Prime Minister

General Elections 2014, one the most bitterly fought elections in the history of independent India is finally coming to an end. In the next few days, faith of every candidate and party will be decided as voting ends and counting begins.

As the political drama unfolds one man is quietly getting ready to walk into the sunset. Renowned economist, father of economic reforms & liberalization in India and the man who lead UPA Government, Dr Manmohan Singh  bids good bye to public life.

Dr Singh lead one of the most successful and progressive governments in the history of independent India, but equally marred with controversial scams, he was blamed for being non-communicative and was targeted unfairly as a puppet in the hands of Sonia Gandhi.

Dr Singh’s last 2-3 years in office has been his toughest, an over critical media, obstructive opposition and anti-corruption movements across the country took a toll on communication. Dr Singh is not known for being aggressive; his dignified approach was mostly interpreted as his incapability to act tough. A soft spoken Dr Singh was attacked constantly by a barrage of media and opposition sometimes with a pre-set agenda.

Today as Dr Singh gets ready to leave office, there is a sadness that surrounds, call it the era of sound-bites or a well planned propaganda by the opposition, UPA Government and the Indian National Congress failed to aggressively put across the achievements of Dr Singh lead Government.

The biggest failure of Dr Singh lead government was simply lack of aggressive and relentless communication. As main stream media looks for stories from the social media, lack of proactive communication from UPA Governments only added to its list of trouble. One may argue that its fatigue, rarely any government has successfully completed its 2 terms in office.

As India stands at cross roads, and is fighting an ideological battle, facts got replaced with rhetoric and parliamentary elections is fought as presidential one from one end of the spectrum. A bitterly fought election has over shadowed the achievements of Dr Singh lead UPA Government, and only time will tell how Dr Singh’s Government will be viewed as the election dust settles.  

No one knows what Dr Singh would do next, but I firmly believe that history will judge Dr Singh kindly and will attribute the India Growth story to Policies he laid out during his tenure. Why shouldn’t it, there cannot be a better person to lead India than Dr Singh, and even during the most tough economic times he put India ahead.
Dr Singh will always be #SinghIsKing for many INC supporters like me; I admired him for being dignified even during brutal, abusive and uncouth campaign against him, he held the dignity of the Office of the Prime Minister of India.

Whatever maybe the outcome of General Elections 2014 Dr Singh will indeed have the last laugh, and time will reconcile to the fact that he was ‘NO Accidental Prime Minister’. 

Thank You Dr Manmohan Singh for building a Liberalized and Inclusive India, I am glad that India had a Prime Minister like you.   

- Kavitha Reddy