Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Ganesha Festival Weekend - Aug 2017

Politics in India is not easy, more so if you seek change and worst if you are a woman! Very few dare to break the barrier and stay firm in the heat and dust of Indian Politics. As the Women Reservation Bills gathers dust, women Leaders who dare to make a difference are fighting to be counted and working 10 times harder for every opportunity than their male counterparts. Competency, Skills, Talent, Work all takes a back seat when it comes to women and they are seen as someone who lack money power. 

But the fight to be go on, the fight to make a mark, the fight to enter Assembly or Parliament should go on undeterred! A B.PAC study that was conducted recently showed that women how have taken to politics are much more active compared to the male counterparts, numbers many be less but ability to work was more stronger than men. 

I met Shri Rajeev Gowda RS MP along with the B.PAC team to hand over the famous Misogyny Speech Apron, that was sent by the Australian Women Elected Representatives as promised during an event in Bengaluru. We also got to talk about women in politics and how there is a need to bring in more women into the mainstream.

I used the occasion to share my detailed profile, as I aspire to contest from Bommanahalli Assembly Constituency on a Congress ticket. He shared insights and was impressed with the work I have done, and about the active digital engagement I am already active in.  


On 26th Aug 2017, I also participated in a unique Ganesha Festival event which along with all the festivities focused in cultural activities by Children, Painting competition on locality issues, Eco-friendly theme and also raising awareness about the issues that are impacting the lives of the residents. My team also used the occasion to do a voter registration drive. 

I was happy to join Shri Kupendra Reddy RS MP, Shri Ugrappa MLA and Shri Vasudev Reddy T Ward President to show our solidarity for the cause and for the people. 

Later in the day also attended a meeting at KCDC regarding serious Environment, Health and Social problems which the citizens are suffering due to the badly managed KCDC unit.