Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Patakki Bittaki

Air Pollution is a serious concern across the Nation, and more so in all major cities. Firecrackers add more poisonous gases and particles to Air Pollution that can cause several Health problems. 

Child Labour, Fireworks Accidents, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, Noise Pollution all are reality of Firecrackers. After taking notice of the situation across the country the Apex Court finally passed the order to ban Firecrackers, with some relaxation approving Fireworks for 2hrs for 3 days during Deepavali.

B.PAC-B.CLIP Alumni team with support from Karnataka State Pollution Control Board and BBMP came together to take #PatakkiBittaki campaign to all Wards across Bengaluru. With Street Plays, Awareness Programs, Pledges in Schools and Social Media Campaigns.

In HSR Layout, Kavitha Reddy via Kaagaz Foundation took the lead to organize various events and Street Plays were conducted in 27th Main, Somasundrapalya Circle and Agara Lake very successfully. B.CLIP Leaders and HaSiRu Mithra members Lalithamba and Ramakrishna Reddy lead the School program and encouraged children to take Pledge in Chinmaya Vidya Mandira, Somasundrapalya Govt School & Vibgyor School. Rohini Reddy, Jigna Modh, Vasanthi and Kavitha Reddy spoke about #PatakkiBittaki at Agara Govt Primary and Agara Govt High School and administered the Pledge.   

3 Street Plays, 5 Schools covering 2458 Children took the Pledge, and hope these kind of campaigns will create more awareness every year and finally reduce all practices that are not Eco-Friendly. 

Lets hope these kind of regular awareness will lead to a Better Bengaluru.