Friday, May 31, 2019

#BeatAirPollution - World Environment Day


TREEathon from June to November! Climate Change is a reality, so is the the fact that Bengaluru is losing it's Green Cover and Lakes, increased Air Pollution and scarcity of Water is leading to a crisis in Bengaluru. 

We can change all that by working towards making Bengaluru Greener and Saving Lakes. Revived Lakes has to be maintained and with the authorities Citizen participation is critical to keep the momentum. 

This Year I will be involved in Planting 3000 Saplings along with various organizations across Bengaluru, mostly focusing on Lakes, Parks, Mini-Forest. The journey to 3000 starts with Agara Lake and Haraluru Lake!

#3000Saplings #500AgaraLake #200HaraluruLake #GreenerBengaluru #CleanAir #KaagazFoundation #ALPMS #ForestDept #BBMPLakesDiv #HLCC

- Kavitha Reddy