Sunday, June 9, 2019

Reclaiming Haraluru Lake

Fantastic Green Day! that is what 8th June 2019 was, there are many causes one can fight for, and Environment and Lakes need a major share of what we need to fight for as humanity. Environment is the core of our existence and we have exploited enough for decades. Now the alarm is set, unless we do not take a firm step to revive Lake and address the issues of Environment our survival is just on the edge.  

Bengaluru is heading towards a Water Crisis, with Lakes which were the RWH zone are dying, even though the quantity of Rainfall has not changed much in Bengaluru what has changed is how we are saving Rain water! So unless we Revive and Conserve Lake the ground water tables will not get better, nor the Greener will improve in the City! 

It was indeed a great step by Haraluru Lake Conservation Committee to bring together all the citizens around to reignite the spirit and participation to Conserve Haraluru Lake by taking up TREEathon a 200 Sapling plantation drive. 

Also by submitting a memorandum to the head of BBMP Lakes Division on the issues, the team has taken a big leap towards making things better at Haraluru Lake. 

With citizen participation I see a huge change at all levels and a positive energy to make a difference will indeed go a long way. 

Finally Haraluru Lake WINS!