Monday, July 1, 2019

BCLIP Women Leaders Event

A Fantastic 2 day B.PAC- BCLIP Women Leaders event put together by Sushma Mahabala. Independent non-Dynast Women bring in a lot of Energy, Dedication and Commitment...Hard Work is their Mantra! 

Was happy to share 'Our Agara Lake' handbook and 'Nanna Olage Indira' a Women Safety Handbook with Actress and Activist Parnita Subhash!

I hope all the Wonderful, Hard Working Independent non-Dynast Women become Corporators, Mayors and MLAs! Time will not be the same, today only Dynasts and Proxy candidates are getting opportunity but....all will change eventually! 

And when they still don't get ticket they will find my shoulder to cry because I know exactly what it is to be Competent and Hardworking and still being denied tickets for Caste and to favour Leaders kids!