Monday, September 9, 2019

Water Security

Changing patterns of Rains, unpredictable Weather, increase in Temperature and it is happening, the Climate Change is here and its real! The nature fury across the country the changing rain patterns and intensity cannot be ignored anymore, that are clearly saying that if we do not move towards taking action on greater conservation of resources and sustainable development the doomsday is not far.
One of the critical resources that is in plenty yet in scarcity is Water, there is indeed a huge concern on Water Security given the accelerated rate of melting glaciers, rising rivers, constant encroachments, shrinking catchment areas, inflow of waste & pollutant, depleting ground water tables and increase in land abuse via human settlements. Most of the rivers and water bodies across the country have the same glaring similarities, yet the solutions seem to be like few blind people feeling an Elephant.
Revival and conservation of water bodies has to be accelerated to slowdown looming water crisis, and no doubt that increasing urbanization and population density adds to the challenges of conservation. Lakes and water bodies specifically in Urban India needs a greater attention to create alternate water sources to make cities more water sustainable.
Cities today are dependent on water from rivers flowing 50-180 kms away to meet their water needs, not only making the operations of tapped water expensive but also highly unsustainable. Quenching the thirst of the fast-growing cities is indeed a great opportunity to invest in alternate sources by the revival and conservation of urban lakes, water bodies and RWH.
Separating sewage lines from storm water drains, treating waste/sewage water for reuse, ensuring rain water reaches the lakes/water bodies via network of storm water drains or canals, developing a vision for the lakes, creating a stakeholder community for the lakes/water bodies are indeed the first important steps in lakes/water bodies revival and conservation.
There is a lot to learn from our history when it comes to water conservation, relooking at the concepts of open wells, kalyanis and recreation of watershed based on the water flow and contours can better our water conservation process.    
Hard measures have to be taken keeping in mind the long-term implications and giant step towards reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to make India Water Secure. Water Security for all can become a reality if the Government uses a carrot & stick approach, by rewarding conservation and punishing excess usage/misuse.
- Kavitha Reddy 
  Lake Activist & Nadaprabhu Kempegowda Awardee