Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Satyam Shivam Sundaram - DD

Doordarshan (DD) turned 50 years yesterday!!!! I grew-up watching DD. It will not be incorrect to say that DD built character with programs like Buniyad, Nukkad, Hum Log, Mahabharat, Ramayan, weekly National award movies, Surabi, Fuji, Udaan, Rajini, Malgudi days, Life line, Sword of Tippu, World this week, Giant Robot and several other programs, that still are so fresh in my mind.

The programs had a message, every day I switched on the TV set to learn something new. The news reports delivered the news with absolutely no emotion what so ever, which gave a choice for the viewers to take a stand on the news/events, unlike today’s news channels which shove the opinion on the viewer.

IBN had invited Salma (the rose lady) on the occasion of 50 years and I quite appreciated it, Rajdeep & Anuba asked her what she feels about the current news channels, she said she is still in a dilemma if the current news channels are showing what public wants or what news channels want to public to see. She was so spirited about being part of DD and believes that DD is a different league, which I definitely agree to.

The impact is not measured on the basis on the breaking news or the glamour shows it’s measured on the basis of who you can related or remember people related to it. I do admit that I do not watch DD much, one can argue that fact that it’s because I have a choice now. Choice is good but it cannot create the fiery police officer of Udaan, the cute hero Abhimanyu Roy, Swami and his friends, Rini, Komal Singh, Renuka and may other who helped us find ourselves over years.

As Salma said, DD has a bright future do not close the chapter yet. Visit

- Kavitha Reddy