Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Agara Lake Memorandum

Lake Development Authority
Bangalore - 560001 
Subject: Agara Lake Revival & Restoration

Dear Sir,

Agara Lake was once the pristine lakes in Bangalore, located in Sarjapura ring road between Koramangala & HSR Layout the lake was scenic spot for residents of HSR Layout. It is spread over 39.58 hectares of greenery and water with a shore length of 2.1 kms.

In 2004, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), together with the Forest Department, restored the lake by developing greenery and joggers track protected with a fence around it. Following these measures the lake attract a variety of birds, like water fowls, coots, purple moorhens, grey herons, egrets, kites and kingfishers make it valuable lung space that many area residents cherish.

More than 1000 residents with families used to visit the lake garden from the surrounding area HSR Layout, Koramangala, Jakkasandra, Agara & Iblur to enjoy environs of the lake. But this didn’t last long, lack of basic maintenance, uncontrolled access & security has today resulted in heaps of debris dumped around, broken fence, reeking water, unkempt garden, tons of garbage, floating plastic.

Many concerned Citizen and Environment groups worked relentlessly, gathering support, meeting authorities and demanding action but got nothing more than a list of excuses, with no plan-of-action or timeline to fix the deteriorating situation of the lake.

Post the landmark judgment and cancellation of PPP lease in Feb 2012, lake was handed over to Lake Development Authority, very little rather nothing has been done since then.

We residents in eco foot print being the primary stakeholders of the lake are extremely concerned at the present situation of the lake and request the Lake Development Authority to swing into action and under take drastic measures to restore the lake.

The following are some of our observations and suggestion for restoring the past glory of our Agara Lake:

  1. Formation of Joint Committee multi stakeholders related government departments RWA’s, NGO’s, Expert groups, Eminent local personalities for development of Action Plan for restoration of the lake.
  1. Formation of Core Committee involving the community to examine and prepare a proposal to submit to the Government. The Core Committee shall also review and monitor the implementation of the required measures.
  1. Conduct community consultation exercise and discuss the restoration plans, financial options for resorting the lake including and operation and management aspects of the lake.
  1. Prioritize the restoration plans activity wise and explore convergence of schemes under related Govt departments for undertaking immediate measures for initiating restoration.
  1. Initiate the options of inviting participation of corporate houses under their Corporate Social Responsibility program to part the financial requirements for restoration or management.
  1. Involve Community in Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and Management of the lake.
As primary stakeholders our agenda is to save the lake from deteriorating any further and to put to use a great source of water body that could recharge the depleting underground water tables for common good. The lake is indeed a land mark and we wish to save the lake and the greenery that is much needed in an already concrete jungle.

We are submitting this memorandum in full faith that you will take cognizance of all the above points mentioned and will act upon without any delay.

Looking forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Thanking you,

Warm Regards,

Kavitha Reddy                                                                  Venugopal Reddy
Social & Environmental Activist                                  Environmentalist & Urban Planning Consultant

CC: 1. Honorable Chief Minister Govt of Karnataka,
      2. Commissioner BBMP, H.Siddaiah IAS,