Monday, September 10, 2018

Making Festivals Eco-Friendly


Eco-Friendly, Sustainability is the way forward to keep the Earth alive for future generations. With support of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Mythri Mahila Koota and the team of B.PAC-BCLIP Civic Leaders and team of Kaagaz Foundation & HaSiRu Mithra had organised 6 Clay Ganesha Making Workshops to promote Eco-Friendly Ganesha and to celebrate festivals keeping in mind the minimum or non generation of waste. 

For over 10 day 175+ Clay Ganesha were made by citizens of all age groups in Apartment Blocks, Govt Schools, Private Schools and Colleges. Creating awareness about sustainable living, importance of water bodies and saying NO to PoP idols were the key objectives of the workshop.

'I have been organizing these workshops for over couple of years, now we are extending out reach as more and more people are keen to be do their bit for the Environment', said Lalithamaba a B.PAC Civic Leader.

Members of Eco-Club of Govt High School Agara took part in the workshop in large numbers and made some of the most unique Ganesha idols. 'We want more and more children to take to Eco-Friendly habits and practises so that there is a generational change in the way we treat our Environment and Water bodies' said Kavitha Reddy a B.PAC Civic Leader & Trustee Kaagaz Foundation.