Monday, September 24, 2018

Spirit of Wipro Run - 2018


Running is the most Simple, Effective, Appealing, Cheapest and Coolest way to stay FIT

Benefits of Running makes it the most popular Fitness Regime for people of all age groups.

1. Builds Strong Bones
2. Strengthens Muscles
3. Improves Cardiovascular Fitness
4. Burns Calories
5. Maintains Body Weight 
6. Increases Confidence 
7. Relieves Stress 
8. Better Immunity 
9. Strengthens Lungs

Running is not new to me at all, since school days as an Athlete I have been Running, initially to Compete but now for Fitness. I did try going to Gym, but got bored very soon, and realised that Running is what I enjoy the most. 

Running on different Terrains, Routes, Seasons indeed is the most incredible part of being a Runner. After many years of Running on my own, I joined the #GoRunClub and started working out with a group of like minded Runners, with support of well qualified Trainers and the Skechers brand can see lot more improvements in my Running and are indeed proving very beneficial. Even though competing at the Races is more to better personal time, its actually more self inspiring! True that one Run can change your day and many Runs can change your Life

Surely for me Running is an AtTiTuDe!