Monday, October 15, 2018

Skechers Performance Run

Voilà!! Podium finish at the Skechers 10K Performance Run, 2nd place for completing in 66 minutes! All I wanted was to improve the timings in comparison to the Wipro Run in September just short of a month ago! Yes 68 minutes to 66 minutes in a much tougher terrain and taking my stand on the podium just refreshed my memory as a college Athlete winning races.....and running my heart out each time! Being competitive is an Attitude for life, even at 46 years it hardly changes, it could be a lowered target :P 

Running is something I always loved, it just shakes me up and takes of stress form the daily overstressed schedule! I am indeed glad that I still run to stay Fit, Healthy and make an effort to take few podium finish once in a while!