Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What is killing Mangammanapalya Lake?

Depressing stories of Bengaluru Lakes have been making National News for sometime now. Froth, Stink, Sewage, Dead Fish, Encroachments, Vanishing, Fire have been the stories on Lakes. 

With all the negativity over 50+ Lakes got revived in Bengaluru and that never made it to the news. One of those Lakes that was revived after a series of citizens campaign is the Mangammanapalya Lake, a small Lake situated in the middle of a densely populated area. Marred with encroachments, sewage flow and complete neglect, BBMP took up the Lake eventually after pressure from Lake Activists and Citizens. 

The Lake was revived and ribbon cutting was done by the Elected Reps who in fact had no role in the revival, but have a role in not addressing serious encroachments issues. To review the current condition, the fencing around the Lake in not complete due to unchecked encroachments, there are even encroachments authorised by the Elected Reps in the name of drinking water plant, Lake has no gates and anyone can walk through the unfenced sides, there is no Lake keeper to take care of the Lake on a daily basis, benches and Tree plantation is still not complete. Yes, the core Lake got revived but with lack of political will and active citizen participation the Lake is heading towards the same situation form which it was once revived.

So, just revival is not enough there has to be a focus on maintenance and removal of serious encroachments as per the NGT guidelines if we have to save Lakes in Bengaluru and make them RWH Zones and Lung spaces. 

On 2nd October as part of Gandhi Jayanthi, HaSiRu Mithra Team did a #Plogging event along with Citizens and BBMP PKs to bring a much needed focus on the Lake, and to initiate action to address all the pending issues of the Lake. 

Hope this event can bring more pressure on DC & BBMP to ensure the pending issues of encroachments and fencing gets addressed on priority so that this beautiful Lake can be restored, protected and maintained!