Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Suggestions for Better Bengaluru - BBMP Budget 2019

Better Bengaluru is a dream of every Bangalorean who grew up watching both Development and Disaster of Bengaluru. Citizen participation is critical for making Wards better, lack of quality Corporators is making Bengaluru suffer. 

But we as Citizens, Advocacy Groups, Activists can't wait till we political parties give tickets for better candidates, hence participation to make Bengaluru Better indeed is the need of the hour. 

I personally shared my demands/inputs with Mayor and BBMP Commissioner  and from B.PAC-B.CLIP Alumni Association which is a team of committed Civic Leaders, Activists, Experts who has a single focus to make Bengaluru Better  also submitted our suggestions to Mayor, Dy Mayor, Tax & Finance Chairman and BBMP Commissioner.