Monday, February 18, 2019

Talking Earth - Future Cities

Bengaluru Lakes! Future Cities are impossible until we re-imagine the Lakes and look at Lakes from the perspective of RWH Zones, Water Source, Livelihood and create Vision for the Lakes. 

Water supply to Bengaluru from Kaveri is the most expensive water supply in the world, pumped from over 180 kms upstream connected to over 8.5lac homes via 8800 kms of pipeline network covering 570 sq kms of Bengaluru at a cost of Rs28/KL and heavily subsidized to the citizens by BWSSB says it all.

With over 2lac borewells, only 30% of the water drawn is getting recharged, Lakes are in reality RWH zones with are interconnected. Even though Bengaluru still gets 850mm Rain every year, the same quantity we get Kaveri water we are not able to store for use, and the Lakes are either dead or encroached. The 200 identified Lakes can hold 200-1500ML of water, and on an average each Lake can hold 300ML, effective if all 200 Lakes are revived it can hold 60000ML of water and recharge the depleting ground water tables.  

Lakes are NOT for entertainment, they have to be considered as water bodies, lung spaces, biodiversity zones, and that is the only way to preserve Lakes.

Citizen participation is critical for keeping the Lakes alive and thriving, and if there is one cause that citizens should take up is definitely the Lakes of Bengaluru. 

Water is the Lifeline; Revival, Conservation, Preservation of Water Bodies in Bengaluru would mean making the City what every citizen dreams of!