Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Year 2018 to 2019

Wishing all my Friends and Family Merry Christmas and a Fantastic 2019 ahead.

May 2019 bring Mountains of Success, Ocean of Happiness, Sky of Good Health, Earth of Glory

#StayFit #HappyNewYear 

Warm Regards,
Kavitha Reddy
AICC Member & KPCC Spokesperson 

Year 2018 to 2019

As 2018 passes by, a long and eventful year ends on definitely a satisfactory note. With a successful corporate career of 14 years, as a Entrepreneur, as Mountaineer and as Lake Activist I sure know the ups and downs in every space. Mistakes, Failures and Perceptions all have to be taken with same spirit as Success, Glory and Recognition. 

Think Big, Dare to Dream was the thinking when I took a very bold step to asked Indian National Congress to give me an opportunity to contest from Bommanahalli AC. Sheer Nerve and willingness to fight an election in one of the toughest Constituency kept me going. 

Debating on TV channels on behalf of the Party, being part of the Campaign Committee lead by the master of elections Shri DK Shivakumar, being appointed as AICC Member all came to me without asking. 

Even after being the front runner for Bommanahalli AC ticket, losing it to someone who is not even from the Constituency did come as a rude shock, but also reality that my Reddy surname will always be my biggest enemy was evident. 

Yes, I was angry, disappointed as I did not get the real reason for not been given the ticket, even as I continued my assignment from Campaign Committee as incharge of Kolar and Chikkaballapur districts, I spent little time in my own Constituency as I felt I was not needed and was sidelined. I did carry the anger further as INC candidate lost very badly and could not make even a small impact, letting  a larger victory for BJP.

Almost a year and half business took a back seat and a huge hit, even though my NGO and Lake Activism continued, bringing back business on track has been a huge challenge and the downward trend across the nation has been making it even more difficult. 

Someday I had to make peace that I may never be given an opportunity to contest elections, nor can I change my surname, or may be until I get to ask for an opportunity anywhere else other than Bengaluru District, let that someday be in 2018 itself. 

I have carried the Stress, Insult and Mental Harassment for long, I have also learnt from my mistakes. I do not know what my future in politics is since I do not have a parent in politics nor a godfather, but what I have is an ability and commitment to continue giving my best in whatever is given to me.

Politics is indeed tough for Independent Women, but when did I ever choose what was easy, just that this time around I will continue to fight my battle little differently. 

Technically I can rate 2018 as a bad year for me, but foundation for all good that can happen in 2019 was laid in 2018, letting go the Stress of 2018 and hoping 2019 will be a better year for me.

Build NOT Born where there are no Entitlements