Sunday, December 6, 2020

Being Blood Donor


What Blood Type are You? I am the Donor Type!

Being recognized by Govt of Karnataka, Karnataka AIDS Prevention Society and BBMP for Donating Blood 29 times on 1st Dec 2020 World AIDS Day was indeed a surprise and definitely never expected.

How did it all start?

What started as Social Service in NCC days way back in 1991 almost turned into a habit. I remember when my mother-in-law was admitted in Sagar Apollo and needed platelets, I donated Blood just few days before I left form Advance Mountaineering at Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi. I felt fitter than ever in the Mountains and continued to donate Blood whenever someone needed. 

2013 changed it all, via Kaagaz Foundation (my NGO) we started organizing Blood Donation Camp on a regular basis almost 2-3 times a year, 26th Jan, 15th Aug, 2nd October, 30th Jan became regular dates of our Blood Camps. Other than our own Blood Camps about 4 times I have donated in the Camps organized by Friends in the locality.  

Women and Blood Donation

Yes, women Blood Donors are fewer in number;

There is a huge misconception that women should not donate blood as they have menstrual cycle, they become weak etc, it is indeed a misconception, donating blood during and few days after menstrual cycle can be avoided otherwise women are as eligible as men to donate blood.

Low Weight, less Hemoglobin, Anemic are some of the general reasons for higher rejection rate among women who want to donate blood. I encourage women to focus on their Health, and see Blood Donation as a Healthy habit.

Benefits of Blood Donation

- Saves Lives

- Quick Health and Blood Check-up
- Healthier Heart, Liver and Vascular system
- Reduce harmful Iron stores
- Reduce Risk of Cancer
- Burn Calories
- Reduces Stress
- Gives Sense of Pride

Being a Blood Donor is Cool! So focus on Health, Donate Blood to Save Lives & to Stay Fit

- Kavitha